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Duck Decoys Page 2

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Updated 11-19-2023


Black Duck Decoy by
Gene Hendrickson

A early Black Duck decoy
that has a "sock" over it,
It looks to have some repaint
along with original paint. It
has a chip of wood off under
the bill. A early Hendrickson.

J. Eugene Hendrickson
(1899 - 1971) Northfield, New
Jersey. Gene Hendrickson is
remembered as one of
Northfield's most notable
watermen. He created decoys
and hunting boats ("sneak
boxes") of exceptional quality.
His decoys were carved from
local white cedar. The bodies
are hollow, tails are long
ending in a point. Heads have
detailed carved bills. He often
branded his birds on the
bottom with the initials,
"J.E.H." Hendrickson carved
from patterns shared with
Mark Kern (1888 - 1972)
another well known Northfield
carver. He provided ballast by
pouring hot lead into an inlet
he cut into the bottom of the
decoy in the manner of Harry
V. Shourds (1871 - 1920), a
regional carver of note.
Hendrickson's later decoys
are somewhat larger than
life-size. He is credited with
having carved some very fine
Canada geese, brant,
canvasback, broadbill,
redhead, merganser, black
duck, mallard & pintail decoys.

For additional information
Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway,
1974 by George R. Starr.
Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic Region,
1979 by Henry A. Fleckenstein.
New Jersey Decoys, 1983
by Henry A. Fleckenstein.

This information was shared
from the Ward Museum page.



Dove Decoy made by
Capt. Jimmy Wright

A great looking full size
Dove decoy. Made by Jimmy
Wright from Massey, MD.
It is 12 1/2 inches long and in
very good, original condition.

# D-028



Gary Crossman Mallard Decoy

This is a drake Mallard decoy
that Gary made for he and
Rick Fish to hunt over. It is
rigged with a weight and
leather strap for the anchor  
rope. It is in great condition  
with minor wear from use.  
Gary's trademark "C" is  
stamped into the bottom.  

# D-029



Automatic Decoy Anchor

It is marked "Automatic Anchor"
on the side. It is 6 1/4 inches
long. It looks to be from the
1940's or 1950's. Works good.

$ 99.00
# D-031



Miniature Canvasback Duck Decoy

A great looking mini wooden Canvasback
made by Ronald Laber of Fishing
Creek, MD. It is 6 3/4 inches long.
Probably made in the 1970 or 80's.
Nice Dorchester County miniature.
It is signed and branded by Ron.
Ron is known for his great
looking cork hunting decoys.

# D-033


Winchester Repeating Arms
Split Shot BB Container

A great looking cardboard
split shot container from
Winchester Repeating Arms,
New Haven, CT. It has some
split shot still in it. It is
about 1 5/8 inches tall. I
think Winchester stopped
making tackle in the 1930's.

$ 150.00
# D-033

Decoys of the Mid Atlantic
Region Book

by Henry A. Fleckenstein Jr. It is
in very nice condition. It is the
first printing done in 1979. It
has a few color pictures but
lots of black and white
photo's. Has decoys from NJ,
MD, DE River, VA and NC. It
is a great reference book. It is
a hard back with dust jacket.

# D-035


Yellow Legs Shore Bird

A nice, old Yellow Legs
shore bird. It is 10 1/2 in.
long and in very good
condition. The body was
made out of three pieces of
wood. It was purchased on
the eastern shore of Virginia.

# D-039


Mallard Lamp by Wildfowler

A great looking Drake Mallard
lamp made by Wildfowler.
It is 11 inches long. It is in
very good condition. The
bill has a rub on it. It is
is missing the shade. It
can be easily replaced.

$ 125.00
# D-041



Flying Mallard Drake Duck
Decoy by Travis Tyler

Great looking flying decoy
signed Travis Tyler from Crisfield,
MD. It is a great looking half
size Mallard that was made to
hang on the wall.

# D-042


Wooden Pigeon Decoy
by Bobby Jobes

from Havre de Grace, MD. It
is a full size pigeon decoy
made by Capt. Harry's oldest son.
Bobby only made a small number
of these. They are hard to
find. It is signed on the bottom.




Klaff Industries Cast Iron
Miniature Duck Decoy

A very nice looking cast iron
mini duck. It was made for
Klaff Industries. Klaff was a
wholesale plumbing supply
store started in 1921. A great
looking salesman sample
item probably made as a give
away. It is about 5 inches long.

$ 89.00


3 Miniature Mallard Decoys

by Alonzo Green

A great looking mini Mallard trio
by Alonzo Green from Vienna
Maryland. They are very
small and mounted on a
framed panel. They show
folky carving and painting.
They look to have been done
in the 1950's. They are not
signed. They resemble ducks
made in the Mid-West style.

$ 145.00
# D-49




Duck In Tip Up Feeder Decoy

It is in very good condition.
Looks like some mildew on
one side. I did not try to clean it.
It is about 9 inches long. Made by
Duck In Decoys in St. Louis,
Mo. It is made of canvas.

$ 65.00



Miniature Hen Blue Bill
Duck Decoy

Made by John Reisinger in
in Havre de Grace, MD.
It is about 8 inches long
and in very good condition.
It would make a great
addition to any collection.
John worked in Madison
MItchell's shop for 25 years.

$ 60.00



Duracraft Lead Duck
Decoy Weight

It is a lead decoy weight
from the Duracraft Corp., in
Salt Lake City, Utah. It looks
to be from the 1950's or 1960's.

$ 25.00

Lohman Turkey Call
It is 5 inches long over-all.
It is made of wood. It works
fine. It is made by Lohman.

$ 40.00


Miniature Swan Decoy

A great looking mini Swan
decoy. The maker is unknown
to me and never signed his
work. Looks to have some
some age on it. It is 6 1/2 in
long. The base is 8 3/4 inches
It is 6 inches tall on the base.
It has great detail and is
in very good condition.

$ 130.00
# D-058



Miniature Snow Goose Decoy Pair

A great looking pair of mini
Snow Goose decoys. The
maker is unknown to me and
never signed his work. Looks
to have some age to them.
Made by the same maker as
the Swan above. The base
is 8 1/4 inches long. They
have great detail and
mellowed paint. Some of the
orange paint has chipped
of the feet.

$ 165.00


Rooter Duck Call
This is a Rooter crank duck
call. It is made of metal. It is
pictured in Mackey's book. It
is in very good condition and
still works great. I'm not sure
how many ducks it will lure. It
has a patent date of Mar 28,
05 on the back.

$ 90.00

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