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All Items on this page have been Sold

                                Blue Star gallon from Grasonville, MD

                               Satisfaction Gallon oyster tin.

                                  Reddish Tall Quart from Baltimore

                  J.H. Miles gallon from Norfolk, VA.

                  RCV Brand gallon oyster can from Morattico, VA.

                  Manokin River gallon oyster tin from Upper Fairmount, MD.

                  Sterling 1/2 gallon oyster tin from Detroit, MI.

                       Capt. Pitres Gallon oyster can.  

                   Sea Sa We Hak Brand Gallon Oyster.

                   Old Dominion Gallon Bail Handle Oyster Tin.

                   Canneries of the Eastern Shore Book

                   Oxford Salt Water Gallon Oyster Tin.

                   Rose Bay Gallon Oyster Tin

                            Shreeves Gallon Oyster can from Chincoteague, VA.

                       Sealshipt oyster poster.

           Evans McKinney Goose from Elkton, MD

                           Sewansecott Gallon oyster tin from Willis Wharf, VA.

                             Montauk Gallon oyster can.

                           Pride of the Chesapeake gallon oyster.

                       L. R. Carson gallon oyster can from Crisfield, MD

                Big C gallon oyster tin from Baltimore, MD.

                         Steelman gallon oyster can.

                       Bleakhorn Gallon oyster tin.

                      Woodburn Gallon from Solomons, MD

             George Cook Bufflehead decoy, Kent Island, MD.

              Garland Gaskin Goose decoy, Wallops Island, VA.

                               Holton Legg Goose Decoy Kent Island, MD

                         Alvin Meekins Flying Bufflehead Hen

                         Tom's Cove Gallon Oyster Can

                         Wildfowler Miniature Wood Duck Decoy.      

                       Ward Bros. Pintail from Crisfield, Maryland.

                                Seacrest Gallon Oyster Can

                        Todd Gallon Oyster Tin

                                  Negro Head Oyster Can

               Fire King cast iron duck decoy by Weiskittel

          Weiskittel cast  iron duck decoy.

                       Mini Robert McGaw Mallard Drake Decoy

                              J. C. Lore Gallon Oyster Can.

                                D+D Gallon Oyster Can     

                          Tilghmans Gallon Bail Handle

                Meekins Mergansers

            Ron Laber Mallard Decoy

                                 Heysers Gallon Oyster Tin

                           Famous Fireplace Pint Oyster Tin from N.Y.

              Bob McGaw Miniature Goose Decoy

             Animal Trap Pintail

                               Lark Decoy from Europe

                                              Davy Crockett Gallon Oyster Tin       

                                 Helsby Gallon Oyster Tin

                                 Keystone Bail Oyster Can    

                                      Stork Gallon Oyster Can

                                Capt. Fisher Gallon Oyster Tin

                                  Pint Bay Shore from W. H. Harris

                                       Adams Gallon Oyster Can

                                Tasty Brand Gallon Oyster Can

                                 Seal Brand Gallon Oyster Tin (non bail)

                   Tyler Mini Baldpate Pair from Crisfield, MD

                                    Brown Salt Water Gallon Bail Handle Can

                                    Applegarth Pint Oyster Can from Baltimore, MD

                                 New England Gallon Oyster Can

           Phil Kemp Miniature Pair Kent Island, MD

              Wooden Fish Decoy

                                Harry Waite Crow Decoy            

                Mini Merganser by Harry Magargy

                       Mini Canvasback Hen by Al Thomas

            Herb Barnes Canvasback Decoy

              Sleeper Mini Goose by Bob Litzenberg

           Miniature Goose by Bob Litzenberg

                                 Kirkpatrick Gallon oyster tin from Dover, DE       

                                     Booth Gallon Oyter Tin

                             North Crystal Gallon Oyster Tin

                        Cresent Gallon Oyster can from Baltimore, MD

                       Rare Booth Square Pint Oyster Can.

                       Booth Oyster Trade Card

                     Capn Hanks Chopped Clam Container Easton, MD

                       Lancaster Pint Oyster Tin

                Pearson's Peerless Brand Sq. Quart Oyster Can

                  Jerseys Best Gallon Oyster Can

                 Choice of Ches. Bay Gallon Oyster Can

            Choice of Ches. Bay Half Gallon Oyster Can

                       Duke of Gloucester 12 oz. oyster tin

         PA Fishing Laws Tin Sign.

                         Punch Bowl 8 oz. Oyster Tin Waterview, VA

                                      Metompkin Gallon Oyster Can

                             Diamond Shoals Gallon Oyster Tin

           12 ounce Choice of Chesapeake Bay Oyster Tin

                  Gollott's Gallon Oyster Tin

            Bob Litzenburg Mini Teal Decoy Pair

                Iron Duck Carnival Shooting Target

                            J. H. White Pint Oyster Tin Balimore, MD

                             Lord Mott gallon oyster tin         

                                           Banner Brand Tall Quart

                            Maryland Beauty Gallon Oyster Tin

                              Belle Island Gallon Oyster Tin      

                     Navy Bail Handle Oyster Can from Baltimore, MD

                  Banner Bail Handle Oyster tin from Baltimoe, MD

                   Applegarth Bail Handle Oyster tin from Baltimore, MD

                         Chief Englehardt Gallon Oyster can

                             Chase Brand Gallon oyster tin, Norfolk, VA

                             Liberty Brand gallon Oyster can, Rock Hall, MD

          Roger Urie Full Size Scaup Decoy, Rock Hall, MD

                                   Elliott's Gallon Oyster tin from Hamton, VA

                                     Big H brand Gallon oyster tin

                                     Castle Brand Gallon oyster tin

                                     Church Brothers oyster crock

                                   Express Brand Gallon oyster tin.

                                     J. D. Groves Tall Quart oyster tin

                                     MD Beauty Brand Gallon oyster tin

                                     Nelson P. Collins Gallon oyster tin

                                     Lord Mott Brand 2 1/2 Gallon oyster tin

          Roger Urie Full Size Canvasback Decoy, Rock Hall, MD

            Dave Stavely Mini Sink Box, Easton, MD

                Loon decoy by Ed "Gill" Grey

                Mini Mallard Pr. Norman Calhoune

                       Ballard Egg Island 12 oz. oyster tin

                       Seacoast 12 oz. oyster tin, Baltimore, MD.

                                     Bay Bridge Brand Gallon oyster tin

                                     Capt. Hanks 10 oz. oyster tin

                                     Sousa Brand Paper Label oyster tin from Baltimore

                                     Shackelford Brand Gallon clam tin

                                   Pilot Brand Gallon oyster tin

               John Meredith Full Size Wood Duck Decoy

                      Flicker Decoy by Frank DeCesare

                Schultz Gunpowder tin from DuPont

                Van's Boot Saver Display Rack

                High Grade Fishing Salesman Display

                Victor Rabbit Trap

                General Fiber Mourning Dove Decoy

                Herters Canvasback Decoy

                Miniature Golden Eye Decoy

                Peconic Bay Gallon Cutchogue, NY.

                Maryland's Finest gallon.

                Chesapeake Brand Typewriter ribbon tin.

                McCallister gallon from Baltimore, MD.

                    A early pair of Charlie Joiner Canvasbacks

                    A Pigeon decoy by Jamie Reason

                  A natural finished, walnut decoy by Paul Gibson

                  A Hoopers Island Merganser Decoy

                  A Barnegat Bay Decoys Co. Quail decoy painted by Rick Brown

                  Red Cross gallon oyster tin from Greenport, Long Island

                  Moonlight Bay gallon from Weems, VA

                Arrow Brand tall quart from J.J. Lansburgh in Baltimore, MD

                  J.H. Miles gallon, packed by Warren Denton in Broomes Island.

                  Kroger cardboard quart.

                  Burton's gallon from Chincoteague, VA.

                  North Crystal gallon, Peterson Sfd. Co., Bowers, DE.

                  Capt. John's pint, Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.

                  Blue Cross gallon bail from Baltimore, MD.

                  Majestic half gallon bail, Baltimore, MD.


                                                Kirby "Choo Choo" Thompson Canvasback pair, Kent Island, MD


                     A Smith Falls Bluebill duck decoy


                                                Mini Paper Mache Mallard Pair Saleman samples.


                     A miniature Eider decoy from New England

                     A wooden Yellow Perch decoy from Hills Creek Lake Decoy Co.

                     Alvin Meekins miniature Swan decoy from Hoopers Island, MD.

                  Killian gallon bail from Baltimore, MD.

                  Gulf Belle Shrimp tin from New Orleans.

                  Gulf Kist shrimp tin from New Orleans.

                  American Beauty shrimp tin from Biloxi, Miss.

                   Robert Tucker mini Swan from Rock Hall, MD.

                   Great looking Black Duck decoy.

                   Ken Harris mini Wood Duck from Woodville, NY.

                   Flicker Decoy from Somerset County Maryland

                   Herb Daisey Jr. Miniature Goose decoy.

                  Chef gallon bail from Baltimore, MD.

                  Cooks gallon from Bena, VA.

                  Tred Avon River Brand gallon from Oxford, MD.

                   Flare Gun by F. W. Heym.

                   Van's Boot Saver.

                   Western Hunting Knife.

                   Case Hunting Knife

                   Hazard Gun Powder Tin

                   Globe Shotgun Site

                   Black Head Duck Decoy from Annapolis, MD.

                   Pileated Woodpecker by Gary Crossman

                   Flicker Decoy from Z. Ward of Crisfield

                   NJ Dove Decoy by Dave Rhodes

                   Madison Mitchell Pigeon Decoy.


                                                P.W. Marshall Mini Wigeon Pair.


                   Danny Marshall Canvasback Decoy Pair.

                   Black Duck Decoy by Madison Mitchell

                  Ray Jones gallon from Whittman, MD.

                  Du Bois gallon from Bivalve, NJ.

                  McCready gallon from Chincoteague, VA.

                  Jones Bros gallon from Chincoteague, VA.

                  Patuxent River Gallon from Oraville, MD.

                   Tyler miniature Pintail from Crisfield, MD.


                                                Wm. "Bill" Cranmer Mini Wood Duck pair from New Jersey.


                   Miniature Blackhead decoy.


                                                Madison Mitchell Mallard pair from Havre de Grace, MD.



                                                Canvas Mallard Pair by Oliveros of Houston, TX.


                   Mini Canvasback by Bill Joiner of Chestertown, MD.

                  Tilghman Half gallon oyster tin from Tilghman Packing.

                  Pin Point Brand pint oyster can from Savannah.

                  Plymouth Rock quart oyster tin from Jas. Hubbard in Baltimore, MD

                  Capt Bill's one lb. crab meat can from Hygiene Crab Co., Biloxi, MS.

                   Travis Tyler Canvasback decoy from Crisfield, MD


                                                Bufflehead pair of miniatures by Bill Joiner of Chestertown, MD.



                                                Mallard pair of miniatures by Bill Joiner of Chestertown, MD.



                                                Pintail pair of miniatures by Bill Joiner of Chestertown, MD.



                                                Wood Duck pair of miniatures by David Blackiston of Chestertown, MD.


                   Egret Decoy by Rick Fish

                  Milbourne pint oyster can from Crisfield, MD.

                  Drewer gallon oyster tin from Saxis, VA.

                  C. C. gallon oyster tin from Biloxi, MS.

                  United Oyster Products gallon from Seattle, WA.

                  Mill's brand crab meat tin from Seaford, VA

                  H + B brand crab meat tin from Crisfield, MD


                                                Redhead pair of Wildfowler Decoys from the Bill Cranmer pattern.


                   Wildfowler drake Mallard decoy.

                   Redhead drake by Paul Gibson.

                   Mini Merganser decoy by Art Sharply of Chincoteague, VA.

                   Bufflehead drake decoy by Jimmy Pierce, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   Canvasback Sinkbox decoy by Jimmy Pierce, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   Brant decoy by John Clark, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   John Meredith Canvasback decoy from Worton, MD.

                   George Cook Golden Eye decoy from Kent Island, MD.

                   Black Swan mini decoy by John Clark, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   Mini Ruffed Grouse pair by Ronald Holmes, VA.

                   Mini Canvasback pair by Ron Rue, Cambridge, MD.

                   Mason Blackhead Decoy.

                   Hoopers Island Merganser Pair by Fred Creighton.

                   Ron Rue Dove decoy from Cambridge, MD.

                   Charlie Bryan Hen Canvasback Preener

                   Pheasant by Stan Sparre of Cape Cod, MA.

                   Miniature Mallards by Grason Chesser.

                   Ben Dye Redhead decoy

                   Canvasback from Cecil Co., MD. Branded "J.S.R."

                   Lou Doughty Merganser Decoy from VA Beach.

                   Al "Shoebill" Thomas Mini Canvasback Decoy Pair

                   Mini Merganser Decoy by Norman Calhoune of Millville, DE

                   Jimmy Wright Frog Decoy

                   Victor Blue Wing Teal Decoy Pair


                                                Pintail Duck Decoy Pair by Gary Crossman


                   Pigeon Decoy by Danny Carson


                                                Redhead Decoy Pair by Charlie Bryan


                   Miniature Old Squaw Decoy by Ardell Waterfield

                   Mini Mallard Decoys by Gilbert Whidden, Chincoteague, VA.

                  Seal Brand pint oyster can from Baltimore, MD.

                  Harrington Brand gallon oyster tin from Secretary, MD. (Rare White Version)

                  Big C Brand bail gallon oyster tin from Baltimore, MD.

                  Majestic Brand bail handle gallon oyster tin from Baltimore, MD.

                   Mini Bluebill pr. by Pat Vincenti, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   Mini Black Duck pr. by Pat Vincenti, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   Shorebird by Steve Morey, Tuckerton, NJ.

                   Blue Jay bird carving by Jimmy Wright.

                   Mini Shoveler pair by Titbird Bauer, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   Mini Loon pair by Titbird Bauer, Havre de Grace, MD.

                   New England Plover

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