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Hunting + Fishing Antiques

Updated 06-09-19

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Remington Wooden
22 Shot Shell Box
A .22 shell box from
the Remington Arms Co.,
Bridgeport, CT.
A DuPont Co.

$ 59.00


DuPont FF
Gunpowder Tin
Superfine FF gunpowder tin
from Wilmington, DE. It is
in very good condition. It has
some old pencil writing on the
paper label. It has its top with it.
It is about 6 inches tall.

$ 75.00


Duck Call
Hard plastic duck call. I don't
know who the maker is. It
works great.


New York Hunting License
A resident hunting,
trapping and fishing
license from 1928. It is
in very good condition.

$ 35.00

Western Field Gun Oil Tin

Very good condition with a
plastic top. It was sold by
Montgomery Wards. It is a 3
ounce size can.

$ 35.00



Winchester Gun Oil
Tin Can

From Winchester Repeating
Arms Co., New Haven, CT.
It is in good condition with
some rubs and scratches.

$ 59.00


Outers Gun Oil
Tin Can

From Outers Laboratories
in Onalaska, Wisconsin. It is
in very good condition.

$ 30.00


Signal Pyrotechnic
Flare Gun Pistol
from Los Angeles, CA. It
is 10 1/2 in. long. It has
its original nickle or
chrome finish. It has its
original lanyard. I think
it dates to World War II.
Everything seems
to operate properly.



Remington 16 ga. Shell Box.
Remington Shur Shot 16 ga.
shotgun shell box. It is a one
piece box that held 25 - #6
paper shells. It is in very
nice condition.



Sportsman's Boot Hanger

A metal boot saver
from Northern Wire Products
in St. Cloud, Minn. It
is in very nice condition.
Pictures a fish and a duck.
Made of metal and used to
hang your waders on to dry.
It is 8 in. wide, 4 in. high
and 8 in. long.

$ 45.00


Federal Slug Shell Box
that held 5 - 12 gauge Federal
Hi Power shotgun shells.
It is in very
good condition.


Winchester Repeating
Arms Split Shot
BB Container

A great looking cardboard
split shot container from
Winchester Repeating Arms,
New Haven, CT. It has some
split shot still in it. It is
about 1 5/8 inches tall. I
think Winchester stopped
making tackle in the 1930's.

$ 175.00

Parson Crow Repellent
Tin Can

from Grand Ledge, Mich.
It is 5 1/2 in. tall and has
a screw top.


Shotgun Shell Reloading Tool.
It is stamped for 12 gauge.
It is in very good condition.


22 Cal. Shell Boxes
3 different .22 shell boxes.
All are in good condition.

$18.00 For the 3


Decoy Corn Weights.
2 lead decoy weights painted
yellow and made to resemble
 corn. Not antiques but great
for display or to use with your
decoys. The actual corn is
about 5 in. long

$8.00 each
$ 15.00 for the pair

Glass Knife Nip Flask

The knife is 9 inches
long. It has a metal
screw top. Used to hold
a sportsman's spirits.

$ 250.00


Kabar Hunting or Skinning Knife
It is 10 in. long overall.
The blade is 5 1/4 in. long.
Marked Kabar 1205 USA.
The sheath has a stag.

$ 85.00


Kinfolk Hunting Knife

It is just over 7 1/2 in.
long overall. It has been
sharpened down. The
name is on the blade.


Shore Bird Decoys Book
by Henry Fleckenstein Jr.
141 pages full of information on
most all of the famous makers.
Loaded with photographs. Many
are in color. A real must have
for any decoy collectors bookshelf.


Halik Jr. Fishing
Frog Lure in Box
Great old frog lure
with the movement
action still working. It
is in its original box.

$ 35.00



The King Powder Company
Gun Powder Tin Can

from Cincinnati, Ohio. It held
12 oz. when it was full.
It is very nice with a couple
of dents and minor wear.
It is very nice with a couple


Green Metal Fishing
Tackle Box
It is 14 1/4 in. long by
5 in. high and 6 1/4 in.
wide. It is in very nice

$ 22.00

Peters Cartridge Box.
It held 50  .32 S+W Blanks.
Very nice ammo box that
shows minimal wear.


Matchsafe for hunting and
fishing. It is marked Japan on
the bottom. It looks just like
the Marbles match safe. It is
2 1/2 inches tall when closed.


Wooden Crow Call.
Made by Boyd Martin
It is 5 inches long and
works fine.

$ 79.00


Rooter Crank Duck Call
This is a metal Rooter
crank duck call. It is
pictured in Mackey's
Decoy book. It works
fine. It has a Patent
date on the back of
Mar 28, 05

$ 89.00

Wooden Crow Call
It is 4 inches long and
still works fine. I'm not
sure of the maker.


Ideal Fishing Bait Can
Worm Over # 50 Bait Box
made in Japan. It has a
paper label. This slipped
on your belt when fishing
and you kept your bait in it.


Pennsylvania Fishing
License Pair
One is 1975 and the other
is 1974. The 1975 has
staining. The 1974 is
real good. Both
pinbacks for,

$ 20.00

Pennsylvania Fishing
Dated 1954. It is a
resident license in
very nice condition.

$ 35.00

Remmington Dummy Load
Shotgun Shell Box
It is a box of 25, 20 gauge
shells that were used for
practice. The box is full.
It is in very nice condition.

$ 25.00

Lohman Duck Call
Model No. 103
from the Lohman Mfg. Co.,
Neosho, Missouri. It looks
to be mint in the box. The
paper work is still with it.
The box is in excellent
condition also. Great
wooden duck call.


Van's Boot Saver
Display Rack
This boot rack is used
to keep your boots lasting
longer. It is from the "Noel
Van Tilburg Co.,
Minneapolis 8, MINN".
There is some wear to
the label as seen.


High Grade Fishing
Salesman Display
from 1937-1938. This is a
neat fishing display that
looks to be complete. It
has the catalog with it.



Marlin Firearms Razor
Blades and Box
from Marlin Firearms Co.,
New Haven, Connecticut.
It held 12 single edge razor
blades. Four packs are
still with it.

$ 25.00


Handy Bait Box Tin

from the Jr. Ace
Carry Case, New York
Toy + Game Mfg. Co.
The top cap has holes
for the bait to get air.

$ 26.00

Wooden Duck Call

Not sure of the maker. It works
good and has no makers mark
that I can see. It is 5 1/2 inches
tall and has a plastic reed.

$ 32.00
#HF- 038

West Virginia 1939 Hunting
License Pinback.
It is a resident, state wide
hunting and fishing license.
The paper is not with it. The
badge is in excellent shape.


West Virginia 1940 Hunting
License Pinback.
It is a resident, state wide
hunting and fishing license.
The paper is not with it. There
is a paper with a old plane
in the clear window. It is in
excellent shape.


West Virginia 1940 Hunting
License Pinback.
It is a Non-Resident hunting
and fishing license. The paper
is no longer with it. It has
some water staining.


Winchester .38 Special Box
A empty cardboard  .38
Special bullet box.

$ 14.00



Gunning the Chesapeake Book
Duck and Goose Shooting on
the Eastern Shore by
 Roy E. Walsh. This is the 2nd
printing done in 1971. The
book pictures Charlie Joiner.
Capt. Jess Urie and the Elliot
Bros. plus others. It was
originally don in the 60's.
Very nice condition on this one.


Winchester 22 Bullet Box
Super Speed High Power
bullet box. It is in good


Winchester Air Rifle Target
A real nice Winchester
paper target. It is 4 3/4 in.
tall and 3 3/4 in. across.
The image below is the back
and it shows packs
of steel air rifle shot. From
the Winchester Repeating
Arms Company, New Haven
$ 8.00

Winchester Leader .22 Box
of Staynless Bullets
A .22 bullet box from Winchester
Repeating Arms Co.
New Haven, Conn. It is in
very nice condition and has
been shrink wrapped.

$ 25.00

Glass Mouse Trap
from Winchester, VA.
It is in very good

$ 38.00


Wooden Lohman Crow Call
It is in great condition
and works fine.


Winchster Shotgun Shell Box
Duck & Pheasant #6 Load.
The box is still full of the 2 3/4
in. shells from Winshester
Western. The shells are free.


J. C. Higgins Shotgun
Shell Box
A one pc. full box of 12 gauge
# 6 Sportloads paper shells
in very good condition. I think
they were sold in the Sears
stores. The shells are free.


Hi-Power 12 Gauge
Shotgun Shell Box
It pictures a Mallard Duck.
The 1 pc. box is empty but
held #00 Buck from Federal
Cartridge. It has some flap
 wear on the lid above.

$ 38.00

Remington Express .410
Shotgun Shell Box
A one pc. empty box of
3 in. .410 shells from
Remington. It is in very nice
condition with some edge wear.

$ 25.00

Peters Shotgun Shell Box
A empty one pc. box
of 12 ga. shells that were
2 3/4 in. #9 plastic. It is in
very good condition.


Federal Monark 12 ga.
Shotgun Shell Box
A full one pc. box of # 6 shells.
The box is in very nice shape.
The shells are free.


Peters .22 Bullet Box
Empty .22 long box from
Peters. It is in very
good condition.

$ 19.00


Faulks Duck Call

A nice wooden duck call in its
original box with paper instructions.
It is made in Lake Charles, LA.
It has directions printed in
the bottom of the box also.

# HF- 56

Remington .22 Bullet Box
A empty .22 short bullet
box from Remington.


P. S. Olt  Duck Call
Marked P.S. Olt Pekin,
Illinois, Regular Duck Call
Model No. D-2. It is in good
shape and works fine.


Victor Rabbit Trap
# 10 Oneida Community
LTD., Oneida, NY. It is
10 1/2 in. long and in very
good, clean condition.


Herters Duck Call

A very nice duck call with a metal
folded reed. It has a plastic insert.
The call is just over 5 1/2
inches long.

#HF- 60

Herters Decoy Weight

A cast iron duck decoy
weight marked Herters,
Waseca, Minn. It is
5 1/4 inches long. I have two
of them at the present time.

$ 14.00
#HF- 61

Goose Collar Band

This is a rubber bib collar
off of a goose taken in
Talbot County, MD a few years
back. I am not sure if it was
ever reported. It is about
3 1/4 inches tall.

$ 45.00
#HF- 62

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